Benefits of Propane Grills

Propane or gas grills are nothing else than barbeque grills that use propane gas as fuel, instead of charcoal like traditional grills. They come in two flavours, permanent grills that are connected to your home gas circuit and are stationary or portable grills that go on wheels and use refillable propane tanks as fuel. The benefits of propane grills, especially when compared with their charcoal counterparts, are many.

Easier to Use

Anybody who has had a barbeque delayed because they couldn’t make their charcoal barbeque work will fall instantly in love with propane grills, as they are much easier to use. Just turn it on, like your kitchen’s grill, and start cooking! It is also much easier to control the temperature, avoiding the risk of burn burgers or half-cooked meat that can lead to stomach problems. No starting fluid also means your dinner won’t taste of butane, ever.

Easier to Clean

Along with being much easier to use, propane grills are also much easier to clean, as there’s no coal residue left. You’ll need to remove the remaining bits of food, but that’s all. No more fighting with a charcoal mess or the remains of stinky starter fluid. And since propane is much cleaner than charcoal you won’t generate so much smoke the neighbours call the fire brigade ever again.


While a tank of propane gas is more expensive than some briquettes and starter fluid, it also lasts much more and so you’ll be able to use your portable barbeque many more times, saving money if you grill more than a couple of times during the hot season. And being able to grill your own food when on the go, such as on camping trips or picnics, will save you a lot of money you’d have spent buying hot food from a vendor.


While it is true that portable, disposable charcoal grills exist, anybody who has tried cooking more than a couple of hot-dogs in one of them will tell you that they are useless. Portable propane grills, on the other hand, offer all the benefits of a barbeque grill and fit in your car, so they are the perfect alternative to cold foot on camping trips and even picnics.

There are many benefits to propane grills, even if they are usually more expensive than a charcoal one. If you want to enjoy cleaner and easier barbeques, choose a propane powered model and you won’t be disappointed.