Kiwicha, The Peruvian Power Food To Help You Lose Weight

Move over quinoa, your little cousin from Peru is the newest power food to pop on the market. Kiwicha also known as amaranth, is a tiny whole grain that is gluten-free. This miniature version of the popular quinoa is known for its dense nutritional content. About the size of a poppy seed, it has been a regular staple in Peru for over 4,000 years,

Kiwicha is favored for many reasons, which includes being considered an anti-aging food because it is full of antioxidants. It’s referred to as a super food because it contains all 10 essential amino acids, and it is power packed with protein. One cup of cooked kiwicha provides nearly 10 grams of protein. That’s more protein than wheat, corn or milk. In addition, kiwicha contains lysine, an amino acid that is necessary for the construction of all proteins in the body.

One cup of the cooked grain provides over 5 grams of dietary fiber, nearly 20% of the daily fiber requirements for women. Fiber, as you may know, helps to prevent heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Fiber helps to eliminate wastes and toxins from the body and helps to speed up weight loss. Continue reading “Kiwicha, The Peruvian Power Food To Help You Lose Weight”

The Most Nutritious Meal We Could Have

If there is one easy way to get a well-rounded meal that is also made from raw and living foods it is in the form of a salad. Though common views of salads tend to see them as consisting entirely of vegetables, the reality is that you can make a remarkably healthy and completely nutritious meal in your salad bowl and it can include fruit, nuts, herbs, and more.

How is that possible? After all, how can a salad give you plenty of protein or fatty acid? How can it bring adequate carbohydrates and fats? The body needs all of these things throughout the course of a day, and it might seem that a “typical” salad would be unable to deliver. This, however, is an inaccurate view of the many dishes that can be called “salad”.

As a prime example, consider something like a “quinoa salad”. There are dozens and dozens of variations on this theme, but the thing that is most important is that quinoa. An ancient (and mightily delicious) grain, packs a lot of nutritional “punch”. It is loaded with fiber and protein, contains tons of nutrients, and partners beautifully with vegetables, fruits, nuts, and any sort of dressing. It can be cooked until very tender or left with a bit of bite (al dente) to ensure texture in your salad. This will also allow the grain to absorb juices, enzymes, and flavors from raw veggies, dressings, or fruits tossed into the mix. Continue reading “The Most Nutritious Meal We Could Have”